NOVEMBER 2012- SANTA LUCIANS INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS:  Congratulations to 2012-2017 SLI Scholarship winner: Michelle Alvaro, from Barangay Conconig! She is   the Valedictorian from Sta. Lucia Academy. This scholarship entitlement  is $1,200 a year, with a cap of $6,000 for a maximum of five years. She is taking Political Science as a prerequisite for her law degree at the Saint Louis University in Baguio City.  Also, we heard of the success of our previous educational assistance recipient, Jieralyn Valdez. She received her college degree, passed the CPA Board Exams and landed a lucrative position as a CPA in Makati. She is extremely grateful to the SLI for allowing her to accomplish her goals.

CLASSROOM COMPUTERS DONATIONS:   At the heart of education is having the tools to a better future. In the past, SLI distributed computers to some schools. In conjunction, Anabelle Alabaso Brock and her family, continue the heartfelt generosity by personally donating numerous computers to the different schools throughout Santa Lucia. Overall, these computers will improve learning standards and give students the hands-on computer skills to help them in the job industry.

DON FESTEJO MEMORIAL SCHOOL IMPROVEMENTS: Thank you! Adolfo/Anita Festejo and family contributed to the Don Pedro Festejo Memorial School stage, Ornell Habab Halabaso and family gave financial support to edify the multi-purpose building attached to the stage. This structure enhances protection of the children and audience from rain or heat during presentations. Ornell Halabaso and family also donated to the renovation of the badly deteriorated steps in the main entrance into a ramp so vehicles can drive through and park inside. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Paquito Festejo,  are the donors of the main entrance of the school – the beautifully artlettered sign at Don Pedro Festejo Memorial School with the two spectacular posts where the sign is mounted, give elegance to the school. It is wonderful to see our town of Santa Lucia improving.